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Frequently asked questions
We believe in our business and advise you to shop around. 
When you do, be sure to ask these questions!
Have a look at the rest, then come back & book the BEST!
We don't claim to be the cheapest, but we DO claim to be the BEST with a competitive price for a QUALITY photo booth experience!

(Beware of cameras on tripods calling themselves photo booth companies)​​
Do you charge any other "hidden" fees?

NO! These package prices have all the inclusions printed here. Be aware, that some companies will add "fuel" or "travel" fees later and some even charge "idle" fees... These are hourly rates for them to be set-up early. If your event is a wedding reception, the last thing you want is your photo booth being delivered and set-up while you walking down the aisle! We'll make sure we're set-up well before you & your guests arrive.

Is your booth equipped with a DSLR camera or just a webcam?

Our booth is equipped with a Canon DSLR camera so all your photos are saved in high resolution.
Some of the shots we get are GOLD. You want to have these photos in a great quality that a webcam just can't provide.

What type of booth do you have?

We didn't purchase a pre-built photo booth from any of the big or international booth manufacturers.
We spent 12 months researching the best components, from the touch-screen & pc, to the printer, camera and quality of ink & paper. Then we took all the best bits & built our own right here in Melbourne.
Our booth has a a white-woodgrain timber shell, the touch-screen is a DELL and our printer is a state-of-the-art HITI dye-sub printer that will print out your photo strip in seconds.

Can you just drop your booth off? Or do we have to have an attendant?

We don't offer a "drop & go" option. 
They say don't work with kids or animals, but computers can be way more unpredictable & complicated!
We designed and built our booth with our own hands with the highest possible quality parts, but in the ocassion that something may go wrong, (and you know that will only happen the first time we offer to drop & go!) we are there to make sure any problem is quickly rectified and you can relax and continue doing what you should be doing at your event - Having fun!

Do we have to provide a crew meal for your booth attendants?

Kellie & I both attend every event together. We want to keep that personal relationship there and want to assure you that you're not dealing with a staff member that doesn't have their whole heart in what they're doing. You're dealing with the business owners. We are always there with a smile to help you & your guests feel at ease. 
Crew meals aren't a necassity, but are always welcome! Kellie especially loves sweets!!!